NESTS - Named Entities in Simple Tiered Spaces

This is a description of a very simple ad hoc DBMS for open money and open measures tool sets.

This takes a minimalist approach, intended to support modelling, simulation and experimentation rather than a "live" system, and to serve as executable documentation to illustrate open money/measures principles.

Nevertheless, it may also serve to provide support for a real-world solution in the shorter term.

Recursively nested namespaces each contain any number of named entities of the following types:

Currencies fall into two main sets:

  1. simple currencies (characteristic of open money types), falling into two main sets:
  2. compound currencies (characteristic of open measures types), falling into several subsets:

Functions extend the basic operations associated with simple scalar currencies to work with vector and compound currencies.

This is a work in progress. For more detail see:

See also and for more information.

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